Mexican-style street corn

A sophisticated yet clean aesthetic that fits any event.

Sangria, seafood cocktail

Freshly made accompaniments help bring a theme to life.

Seasonal ingredients

Perfect combination of flavors bring simple yet sophisticated dishes to your table.

From drinks to dessert

Zest lets you be a guest at your own event.

Authentic flavors

Our creations come alive through a bold combination of fresh ingredients.

Delicious flavors

Clean presentation style let the food shine

Cooking demostrations

Plan a cooking demonstration to add an interactive component to your event

An elegant evening

Designed to bring to life the client’s vision.


Mortadella and truffle-stuffed pork loin and one of our charming wait staff.

Party anyone?

A tasty assortment of finger foods.

Simply delicious

From casual gatherings to elegant soirees, Zest’s priority is delicious food.

Hors d'oeuvres delight

Artisanal cheeses and a simple shrimp cocktail with a spicy pistou.

Recipe testing and developing

Developing the perfect lobster roll.

It's holiday season

A hearty and festive holiday spread.